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The Health & Wellness Committee is pleased to sponsor programs for our faculty and staff that may assist in improving an aspect of your overall health, including but not limited to nutritional, emotional and physical well-being.  Our carefully selected topics are presented by subject matter experts (SMEs) from our own campus, outside experts, and by ComPsych Guidance Resources, our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provider.  We hope these topics not only inform you, but also improve an aspect of your work and/or home life.  

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Mental Wellness

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Using Reason to Resolve Conflict (webinar) - Thursday, April 26

This workshop is for anyone looking for ways to resolve conflict in productive rather than destructive ways.

Identify the potential outcomes of conflict:
›› Describe what happens when conflict is handled poorly.
›› Describe what happens when conflict is handled well.

Identify your conflict management style:
›› Describe the five conflict resolution styles
›› Describe the contexts for which each style is appropriate

Describe the most effective methods for handling conflict:
›› Describe the importance of self-monitoring
›› Describe the process of identifying motives
›› Identify methods for communicating feelings appropriately

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Sponsored by the Human Resources Department


Working Through Mistakes - Thursday, May 17
12pm - 1pm at Student Union Room 267
*By the end of this webinar you, will be able to:
  • Analyze mistakes made in the workplace and their consequences 
  • Identify the cause of the error
  • Discover why it occurred
  • Set in motion the next steps
  • Fix the mistake promptly and professionally 
  • Place safeguards and other strategies to prevent similar issues
  • Manage the aftermath both personally and professionally
  • Claim responsibility
  • Learn from and move past your mistakes


*Attendees: If there is a particular area you want to focus on or have a specific question/example you'd like the instructor to discuss regarding this topic, please submit suggestion here. We are trying to customize and focus lunch and learns to fit our community's needs.
Sponsored by the Human Resources Department